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My Last Rugby Match

Yesterday I had my last match for Trinity Rugby.   It was a friendly against Terenure.  The idea was to work on all the bits we need to be able to do for when the league matches start next week.  It’s a good thing we had a warm-up because we did little-to-nothing correctly.   I started on the bench because I’ve been fighting a cold since I got back from Prague, but I came on after about 10 minutes when Dork strained his hamstring.  This would be the first of many subs due to injury that would eventually lead to one of the most ridiculous backlines you’ll ever see.

We were shut out in the first half, but we did score three tries in the second.  I played a decently big part on the first one, when I got the ball up the right wing, and then off-loaded back inside to Ringo who was clear in.  I made a couple of solid tackles as well, on of which saved a try.  Well, delayed the try.  They did score a few phases later.  It was our usual MO – play well for about 20 minutes, but suck for the other 60.  Terenure is a division above us, so we never expected to win.  The idea was to work on things so that we’d be ready for the start of the season, and it showed us how much we needed to work on.


Where Adam Tries Rugby

While Adam and I were in Belfast, I got a text letting me know that a team from Paris was coming to Dublin and was looking for a match.  I texted back letting them know I was playing and that I was bringing a friend.*  Adam had never played before, and he’d only ever seen two matches before.  And one of those was during Relays and he can’t be faulted for not knowing was was going on during it.

*Adam was a bit hesitant to play, but the girls from our hostel that we were at dinner with finally cajoled him into it. Continue reading

Massive Rugby Update

With my visitors and essay that was due yesterday (and my general sloth), I’ve not had a lot of time to write here. I have 5 games to fill you in on. Continue reading

Andy and Whitney’s Visit

I had a very busy week last week. Here’s a rundown.  If you want more details of any bit in particular, request it in the comments.  Sorry about the lack of pictures.  My camera battery died about 45 minutes outside Dublin on the first day of our roadtrip.  I forgot to charge it.

Saturday: Rugby match against ESCP, a Paris business school.  Watch Ireland-England in the Six Nations.  Party all day and into the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday: Endure the bus ride from Hell to get Andy and Whitney at the airport.  I’ve seen 80 year olds stop-and-start less than that bus driver.  How I didn’t throw-up all over is a minor miracle.  I got Andy and Whitney into town successfully.  After a meal and a quick nap, we head into town and I show them around.  We grab a few beers at the Pav.  Then we bar-hop home, stopping at all my favorites.  We get a beer at The Duke, Sinnotts, The Swan, and The Bleeding Horse.  Turn in early.

Monday:  We all head to the Guinness Storehouse.  That was the 3rd time I’ve been there.  Whitney isn’t one for a lot of Guinness, so Andy and I had to help her along.  After dinner, we went to Rody Boland’s.  

Tuesday:  St. Patrick’s Day!  We schedule ourselves to visit Jameson at 1:45, figuring we can at least see some of the parade before having to scurry off.  Well, we never saw any of the parade.  It started too late for us to see anything.  At Jameson, Whitney got to volunteer to do the taste test at the end, just like Dad did.  After the taste test, Andy and I noticed that 3 or 4 people left most of their whiskey behind.  Not wanting perfectly good whiskey to go to waste, Andy and I had about 5 free shots.  If you figure that would cost at least €20 at a bar, and our Jameson tickets were only €8, we made money going on the Jameson tour.  

After we had dinner, we went into Trinity to my friend Alan’s apartment.  I enjoyed some Sailor Jerry rum that I got in Belfast.  We went out to some bars afterwards.  Shrek, Alan, and Ben came back after the bars closed and we all went to bed about 5 AM.

Wednesday: Got up about 8:30 to go to the airport and collect the rental car.  From there we headed North.  We stopped at Sainsbury’s for groceries and cheap drinks, when the Beer Gods smiled upon me.  Out of the corner of my eye, a beer label caught my eye.  I turned and when I realized what it was I let out an audible gasp.  It was Blue Moon!  Blue Moon is my favorite beer at home (after High Life) so finding it here was a very nice bit of home.  We drove along the A2 Costal route and enjoyed the scenery.  We stayed in a nice little hostel in Downhill, Co. (London)Derry.  It was probably the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in.  Wednesday night we just chilled and went to bed early since we’d been going non-stop since Sunday.

Thursday: We went to The Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-A-Rede, and Dunluce Castle.  The weather could not have been better for a day spent outside.  After that, we had a 4 hour drive to Galway.  Once we got to Galway, we had dinner and then went to The King’s Head.  There we saw a band called Unstable.  They did some original songs then moved into covers.  They were pretty good.  I enjoyed them.

Friday: We went out to the Aran Islands, Inis Mor specifically.  We rented bikes and rode all over.  The bikes were very nice to have to get around, but my knees were suffering towards the end.  I couldn’t get the seat high enough, so my legs were a little crammed in there.  After we got back to Galway, we met up with my friend from my course Alan (not the same Alan as above) and his girlfriend Niamh (Nieve).  We went to a bar first that had a tap at your table.  You got to pour your own beer all night then pay for what you drank at the end.  That was AWESOME.  After that,we went to a club that featured a fire-eater.  

Saturday: Drove back to Dublin.  We drove 840km/520miles from Wednesday morning to Saturday morning.  We went over to Hardy’s to watch the final Six Nations match.  If Ireland beat Wales, they would win their first Grand Slam (when you go undefeated in the Six Nations) since 1948.  If Wales won, the championship would be decided on points.  If Ireland lost by 13 points or less, they won the Championship (but not the Grand Slam).  Ireland won (!!!!)  as seen on yesterday’s Music Video Sunday.  After the game, I had to see Andy and Whitney off to the airport.  After that, we went out for Hardy’s birthday party.

Sunday: Recovery.  I did some basic things like grocery shopping.  Yesterday afternoon, I went to the homecoming celebration with 17,500 other Irish rugby fans.

Today: I have a match against the University of Illinois UIC (Evidently Alan didn’t understand the difference between UIC and Illinois. I spent a month preparing for the Illini and I got the Flames) rugby team.

Music Video Sunday – Ireland v. Wales

Last night was a great game for Ireland to win the 6 Nations and the Grand Slam. This week’s video isn’t music, but highlights from last night’s game. I’ll have a longer post about this soon.

Head Update

I know there are those out there are worried about my head.  Everything’s fine.  My headache was gone Monday morning when I woke up.  Here’s what happened.

Our team kicked the ball upfield and I went to cover the reciever.  This is pretty much exactly like punt coverage in the NFL.  I was flying up the sidelines and met the other guy just as he caught the ball.  I was at a dead sprint, so I really hit him hard.  In the collision, his shoulder got me in the bottom of the chin.  I felt my teeth come together really hard and I got some flashbulbs going off in my eyes.  I’ve never been so happy to be wearing a mouth guard (they call it a gum shield here).  I was a little slow to my feet, but I never blacked out.  I never felt like vomiting, either. My vision was still perfect and everything.  All those factors together made me think I wasn’t concussed.  So, I played the rest of the game, and I was fine.

I got home and once the adrenaline of the game wore off, I got a pretty decent headache.  I went to bed early to sleep it off.  When I woke up Monday, the headache was gone.  It hurt a bit to chew, but that went away as the day went on.

Back to School

I’ve been back to school for a week now, so I thought I’d catch everyone up on what’s happening. Continue reading