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Friday Random Top 10 – September 18th

This is my last Top 10 before I’m done with my paper.  ‘m meeting with Anne this afternoon to go over my spankin’ new Introduction v2.0.  I’ll work the changes from Intro 2.0 into the rest of the paper over the weekend, then meet with Micheál on Monday for any last minute ideas.  I should have it back from the printers on Wednesday to turn in.  Then off to Prague at the crack of dawn on Thursday.  Look for a download on Wednesday night for those who want to read my paper.  Once it’s turned in I can share with everyone.  Music after the jump. Continue reading


Friday Random Top 10 – September 11th

In the coming days, once I’m done with final edits, you’ll see a box on the right where you’ll be able to download and read my dissertation chapters.  I don’t really want to put it out there yet since it could in theory get me in trouble if you all make suggestions, since that could be construed as outside help.   I know that’s a little paranoid, but 12 months and a ton of money is too much to risk to not finish this.  Anyway, things are progressing on that front, now to the music: Continue reading

Friday Random Top 10 – September 4th

We’re finally into September.  Two Monday’s from now, I hope to be handing in my completed first draft to my advisors.  Of course, after setting a schedule with my advisor, I immediately took off all the urgency I’d created and I went back to slacking.  Hopefully I’ll be productive over the course of the next 10 days instead of just the last 3 or 4.

  1. Coldplay – “The Hardest Part” X&Y
  2. America – “Ventura Highway” History: America’s Greatest Hits
  3. John Mellencamp – “Hurt So Good” The Best That I Could Do
  4. Wilco – “More Like The Moon” More Like The Moon EP
  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “I Could Die For You” By The Way
  6. Ozzy Osbourne – “Dreamer” Down To Earth
  7. Wilco – “You And I” Wilco (The Album)
  8. The Nadas – “New Start” New Start
  9. Petey Pablo – “Raise Up” Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry
  10. The Nadas – “Where I’m Going” New Start

Petey Pablo sure is an interesting contrast in between two Nadas’ songs.

Friday Random Top Ten – August 28th

Sorry this is up so late.  I’ve been packing/cleaning all day so I can move in the morning.

Foo Fighters – “Generator” There Is Nothing Left To Lose
The Rolling Stones – “Monkey Man” Let It Bleed
Remy Zero – “Fair” Garden State Soundtrack
Noel Gallagher – “Wonderwall” The Dreams We Have As Children
Less Than Jake – “Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts” Pezcore
Santana & Lauryn Hill – “Do You Like The Way?” Supernatural
30 Seconds to Mars – “The Kill” Rockband
Oasis – “Let There Be Love” Don’t Believe The Truth
Jay-Z – “Breath Easy” The Blueprint
Oasis – “Some Might Say” (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

That is a lot of Noel Gallagher this week. For all your latest Gallagher Brother feuding, follow Noel and Liam’s respective Twitter feeds. I love those two. They’re just the gift that keeps on giving.

Friday Random Top 10 – August 21st

Yesterday for my research, I went down to Limerick to view a collection of old newspapers about the GAA. Luckily, Iarnród Éireann [Irish Rail] had cheap fares on special, so I only spent €20 round-trip. I got up at 7:30, was at Heuston Station by 8:30, and the train left about 9:20. I was in Limerick for lunch and spend the afternoon in the library. My train back left at 7:50, and I was home by 11.

  1. The Polyphonic Spree – “Section 12 (Hold Me Now)” Together We’re Heavy
  2. Frou Frou – “Let Go” Garden State Soundtrack
  3. Foo Fighters – “On The Mend” In Your Honor
  4. Wilco – “Say You Miss Me [Live]” Live At The Troubadour (11-12-96)
  5. Coldplay – “X&Y” X&Y
  6. Explosions in the Sky – “The Birth and Death of The Day” All The Sudden I Miss Everyone
  7. The Dead Weather – “Will There Be Enough Water?” Horehound
  8. Korn – “For No One” See You On The Other Side
  9. Steve Miller Band – “Jet Airliner” Young Hearts
  10. Wilco – “I Got You (At The End of The Century)” Being There

I see the double dose of Wilco as a good omen. I’m seeing them in concert this Thursday.  In other concert related news, I found out that the Explosions in the Sky concert I wanted to see in Belfast is the same day as the All-Ireland Hurling Final.  I guess I’ll have to find another time to see Explosions in the Sky, because I’m not missing the All-Ireland.

Friday Random Top 10 – August 14th

I’m at college today in the reading room, so this is the first ever installment gleaned from my iPod instead of my iTunes library. That also means I’m probably not going to be able to cross-post as I usually do. No offense intended if you don’t get my list this week. My internet at home is out, and I should really be getting back to work.

  1. Kings of Leon – “Charmer” Because of the Times
  2. Rage Against the Machine – “Calm Like A Bomb” Battle of Los Angeles
  3. Finger Eleven – “First Time” The Greyest of Blue Skies
  4. Johnny Cash – “Hung My Head” American IV
  5. Josh Davis Band – “Home” The White Whale
  6. Mitch Hedberg – “Houses” Mitch All Together
  7. Lupe Fiasco – “Little Weapon” The Cool
  8. Jimmy Eat World – “Polaris” Futures
  9. Shinedown – “In Memory” Leave A Whisper
  10. Lenny Kravitz – “Heaven Help” Greatest Hits

And we have the return of comedy albums.    I really don’t know why I still have the Lenny Kravitz album on my computer.  I don’t really like him much anymore.

Friday Random Top 10 – August 7th

I have the pictures from London uploaded, but they won’t insert properly. A faster connection tomorrow at the library should help.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Free Bird”
Wilco – “It’s Just That Simple” A.M.
Finger Eleven – “Suffocate” The Greyest of Blue Skies
The Cure – “Fascination Street” Disintegration
The Fratellis – “Got Ma Nuts from a Hippie” Costello Music
Kings of Leon – “Charmer” Because of the Times
Jeff Tweedy – “Shot In The Arm” Sunken Treasure Live
Heartless Bastards – “All This Time” All This Time
The Ramones – “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” Ramones Mania
The Pogues – “Infinity” Hell’s Ditch

This is a great list this week. Not one band I wouldn’t own up to having. “Shot In The Arm” is my favorite off of Sunken Treasure because Jeff Tweedy has to stop and restart twice. After the second restart Tweedy says, “I’ve only played this song seven million f**king times,” exasperated. Once he gets the crowd to help him out, it comes out great.