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Prague Pictures


Coming Home

I just bought my plane ticket home. I’ll be landing at O’Hare on October 7th at 4:40 PM Central Time.

A Day in the Limerick City Library

Yesterday, while I was in the Limerick City Library I was taking pictures of a newspaper called “The Gaelic Athlete”. With the advent of digital photography, more and more archives and museums allow you to take photos of things for later use. This helped me a ton because I had just the afternoon to see as much as I could. I just skimmed the page and took a picture of anything that looked relevant.

A reprinting of Dr. Croke's original letter accepting his position as GAA Patron

A reprinting of Dr. Croke's original letter accepting his position as GAA Patron

One of the times I set my camera down it was still on. I could see on the screen that I had accidentally framed a pretty good picture, so I carefully held the camera in place and took it.
If you see a picture to take, take it, because you can never take that same shot again.

If you see a picture to take, take it, because you can never take that same shot again.

On my way out of town, I walked along the River Shannon and got a picture of it as well. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to the castle pictured here. Maybe I’ll make it back before I leave.
Castle on the River Shannon

Castle on the River Shannon

London In Pictures

I didn’t take many pictures in London.  My battery was pretty low from Vienna.  Here’s the only ones really worth sharing.

Vienna In Pictures

Vienna Part Der Zweite

Monday morning Boog left for the airport around the time the sun came up, so I had the day in Vienna to myself.  First on my agenda was the Museum of Military History (or Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, if you’re so inclined).  Among the normal collection of cannons, guns and uniforms was some Archduke Franz Ferdinand items – including the car he was riding in in Sarajevo when he was killed, and the jacket and shirt he was wearing.

The I went into Stephansdom in the center of town.  In fact, all streets in Vienna are numbered starting with building closest to Stephansdom numbered #1, then going upwards as you get farther away.  From there I worked my way back out to where I was staying in the Western part of the city.

Along the way was the Museum Quarter.  In a few square kilometers was the President’s House, a former royal family palace, the National Library, Parliament, the Spanish Riding School (home of the Lipizzaner Stallions), and a lot more.  I’m not exactly sure which building was which, but the architecture was really nice.  It looked very imperial, very regal (at least to me).

For dinner I went to a local restaurant and had the Wiener Schnitzel, and I finally figured out the name.  The name for Vienna in German is “Wien”, so Weiner Schnitzel is schnitzel from Wien/Vienna.  It was so deceptively simple, like when you realize “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “The ABCs” is the same tune.  And another thing, don’t let the name fool you – it’s a breaded tenderloin.  Meat a quarter-inch thick and the size of your plate breaded and fried?  Yeah that’s a tenderloin, so don’t try to be all fancy with your German words.

My plan in the very near future is a post purely of pictures for you to enjoy.

Vienna Part Der Erste

Here are the pictures of me meeting up with Boog.  People to People made it seem like all the games would be played at the Sports Pyramid, so I made my way there.  I got up at 8, got breakfast, and was at the station by 8:20.  Getting to the Pyramid was easy enough.  It invovled a 20 minute ride on the U-Bahn (subway) to the end of the #6 line, then a 20 minute walk.  I made it there to find a big group of kids waiting outside.  I asked someone, who turned out to be a tennis player, if he knew Boog.  He pointed down the sidewalk and said “The basketball kids are down there”.  I moseyed on down and found Boog.  He told me I made it just in time to catch the shuttle.  He explained that he didn’t play at the Pyramid, it was just were they did a few sports and had the opening ceremonies.  A few minutes later anywhere along the line and I’m stuck in a Viennese suburb with no idea what’s going on. Continue reading