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Music Video Sunday – Chris Cornell “Black Hole Sun”

This week’s music is an acoustic version of “Black Hole Sun” done up solo by Chris Cornell. I sort of miss th drums on the chorus, but this is a great showcase for Cornell’s voice.


Music Video Sunday – The Vagabonds

My friend Patrick is the drummer in a punk band here called The Vagabonds. I’ve seen them play a couple of times, and they’re very good. Below are a couple of videos of theirs.

Music Video Sunday – Wilco at Vicar St. August 27th

Full report on the Wilco Concert forthcoming, but for now these videos should tide you over.

You can tell from the picture I took [below] that the guy filming was somewhere near me. I looked, but I couldn’t quite find myself. Continue reading

Music Video Sunday – Explosions in the Sky

I found out that Explosions in the Sky are playing in Belfast on September 6th. I’m very tempted to go see them.

I first came to the attention of Explosions in the Sky through Bill Simmons‘ constant talking about the show “Friday Night Lights” Explosions in the Sky did some of the soundtrack work for the film as well as the show, and he wouldn’t stop talking about how epic it made everything feel. When I close my eyes and listen, I see scenes in my head. Most of them are war scenes. If I ever make a movie, Explosions in the Sky are doing all the music.

“Glittering Blackness” is probably my favorite song from Explosions in the Sky. Unfortunately, there is not a video of them performing this live on the Youtubes.  Their live shows are supposed to be quite energetic, which makes me want to see them all the more.

“A Song For Our Fathers” is also a great track off of the album How Strange, Innocence.  Between the title of the song, and the music, this creates a scene similar to Platoon in my head. I think it’s the helicopter sounds at the beginning a bit as well. (The helicopters are more evident in the CD track)

How about a little game in the comments?  Narrate your visions of a scene the two above songs can be the soundtrack for, and I’ll do the same.

Music Video Sunday – The Heartless Bastards “The Mountain” at Austin City Limits

Monday is as Bank Holiday, so woo-who three day weekend.

Music Video Sunday – Alex Dezen “Like It Is” & “Closer Than We Are”

Back in June, the one of the Music Video Sunday selections was “Bastard of Midnight” by The Damnwells.  This week’s selection is two solo videos from Alex Dezen, the lead singer of The Damnwells, performing songs from the same album as  “Bastard of Midnight”.

Music Video Sunday – Belle & Sebastian “Your Cover’s Blown”

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately.  It’s very catchy.  I like the different tempo changes.  I have the Books EP, and I’m looking forward to filling out my Belle & Sebastian collection in the future.