My Last Rugby Match

Yesterday I had my last match for Trinity Rugby.   It was a friendly against Terenure.  The idea was to work on all the bits we need to be able to do for when the league matches start next week.  It’s a good thing we had a warm-up because we did little-to-nothing correctly.   I started on the bench because I’ve been fighting a cold since I got back from Prague, but I came on after about 10 minutes when Dork strained his hamstring.  This would be the first of many subs due to injury that would eventually lead to one of the most ridiculous backlines you’ll ever see.

We were shut out in the first half, but we did score three tries in the second.  I played a decently big part on the first one, when I got the ball up the right wing, and then off-loaded back inside to Ringo who was clear in.  I made a couple of solid tackles as well, on of which saved a try.  Well, delayed the try.  They did score a few phases later.  It was our usual MO – play well for about 20 minutes, but suck for the other 60.  Terenure is a division above us, so we never expected to win.  The idea was to work on things so that we’d be ready for the start of the season, and it showed us how much we needed to work on.


One response to “My Last Rugby Match

  1. Good practice before the big C. Good to hear from you.Luv

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