Vienna Part Der Erste

Here are the pictures of me meeting up with Boog.  People to People made it seem like all the games would be played at the Sports Pyramid, so I made my way there.  I got up at 8, got breakfast, and was at the station by 8:20.  Getting to the Pyramid was easy enough.  It invovled a 20 minute ride on the U-Bahn (subway) to the end of the #6 line, then a 20 minute walk.  I made it there to find a big group of kids waiting outside.  I asked someone, who turned out to be a tennis player, if he knew Boog.  He pointed down the sidewalk and said “The basketball kids are down there”.  I moseyed on down and found Boog.  He told me I made it just in time to catch the shuttle.  He explained that he didn’t play at the Pyramid, it was just were they did a few sports and had the opening ceremonies.  A few minutes later anywhere along the line and I’m stuck in a Viennese suburb with no idea what’s going on.

The shuttle took us another 15 minute or so south of Vienna to a little complex with a couple of basketball courts.  The main two courts were really nice.  The two side courts looked like OB Laing or the gym my league played in here in Dublin.  We got there somewhere around 11, and Boog didn’t play until about 2, so I had plenty of time to kill.

Boog’s game was really fun to watch.  His team was much more of a cohesive unit than his opponents, who were more like 5 guys each playing 1-on-5.  Boog’s team lead by about 10 the whole way through the game, and ended up winning the bronze medal.

Boog had a pass that allowed him to leave the grounds with me, so we went in search of food.  Unfortunately, whatever suburb we were in was pretty residential, and what few restaurants and shops we came across were closed since it was Sunday.  Eventally we found an Agip gas station where we loaded up on cookies, deli meat and Coke.

After watching the gold medal game, Boog and the other guys went to listen to a speaker about the Holocaust.  I went back for a nap.  I caught up with Boog at the hotel bar where he was staying to hang out a bit after dinner.

WordPress is being a bit fussy, so pictures to follow as soon as it starts working again.


2 responses to “Vienna Part Der Erste

  1. I’ve been waiting to hear about your trip. Thanks. It sounded like most things like that. You never know where they are realy going to be, one thing you can count on is, it isn’t where you are.

  2. Thanks for the story.I’m sure you both enjoyed your visit even a short one. Did you like Vienna?

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